Swaive and save


There’s a lot going on before you make the actual decision of seeing a doctor or not. You try to find the words to express how you feel, how warm or how cold you are… The symptom of feeling feverish relates to many things, so a device that actually registrates your temperature at different times is a true outcome.


This thermometer is a breakthrough when it comes to health innovations. This ‘ordinary’ device immediately sends all the information it gets to your app on your phone. You can collect the measurements of multiple persons on your phone. It’s also possible to share the collected information with your doctor for example. To be clear, you do not need the application to use the Swaive thermometer.


This app makes the decision of seeing a doctor or not so much easier. It records your temperature and shows you whether you’re getting better or worse. So when needed, you can easily share your collected information with your doctor so he’s aware of what’s going on with your temperature for the past days for example. In this way you can link the Swaive to Togetherness and Inline. You share with your doctor online but you collect your measurements offline.

Download the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tripcast-living-travel-journal/id901563135?mt=8


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