Alleviating Alvio


They take hours, they are exhausting and they are soooo boring. Are your kids sick and tired of lungtests in hospitals? Do you feel like they are not get any better?


Well meet the Alvio. A new fun way for kids to excercise and train their lungs. This device is a breathing trainer, a symptom tracker and a game controller. You do not need a wire and you do not use any medicine. This device helps kids to train their lungs and help them get a bigger lung-capacity. Through games for which they do not use a controller and their hands but their breath instead, children feel better game by game. All the collected information is send to any device by Bluetooth. In this way, parents can keep an eye on the process and if the lung-capacity is indeed getting better.



These lung-excercises are so much fun for children, they forget within an instant that they are doing lung tests. This device is cool because it turns a negative situation into a positive situation. There is less stress and anxiety for the children so they can work on their health in peace and with a lot of fun. They have get fish high up in the air, they have to be the fastest swimming fish etc. This makes children with asthma happier. The practical thing about this device is that you can combine online and offline to get positive effects. In a world where you cannot escape from technology anymore you have to adapt and this new fun way of doing something that is not considered so much fun is a relief for asthma patients.


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